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John Gruber’s take on the Galaxy Nexus

You either see it or you don’t. If you don’t, that’s cool, enjoy your Nexus. But I think the reason Apple Stores are so crowded, and getting so big, is that there are an awful lot of people who do see it.

Here is the link to the Original Source, a blog post by John Gruber.

I wonder when will people realize the reason I use Android is not because its more shiny or polished (or because I can not tell between a half/full baked product). I am more than tired of people thinking they are all high and mighty because they use Apple products (and seriously no disrespect to John, because he is genuinely a very smart guy). Just because you use an iPhone doesn’t mean that you have a better aesthetic tastes, than a guy who doesn’t. There are more things in life than just phones. My beliefs define me more, than just a pretty UI (and I am not even saying that finish is not important, more on that later). I used Linux a decade or so back (sorry, I aint old enough to have been coding when Unix/Linux come into existence) not because it had a better UI or it worked seamlessly with every thing. However, I could still tell which platform had a better UI, and still I chose to program in Linux. However cheesy it may sound, but the Samsung Advertisement:

where the guy says: “I can never get a samsung, I am creative.” hits the nail on the head. More people think they are cooler, creative and thousands times more awesome because they use an Apple product. MG Siegler (once again no disrespect to him) in his original article compares iPhone and Android to a BMW and Honda. He makes this comparison, while he drives a Honda, and uses a BMW (iPhone). I drive a BMW. I have driven a Honda. I can tell the difference (and that is why I drive a BMW). However I prefer a BMW over an Audi because of what the brand, or the idea behind the car means to me. Similarly a Mercedes generally offers much more refined interiors and driving comfort. Would I give up my BMW for it? No way. Same way my choice in Android and iPhone is not because I can not tell between a good and a bad design, or because I am not cool enough to have an iPhone in my pocket. It’s an earnest decision. A lot of early adopters choose a platform because they believe in it, not because they dont understand usability or design.

I have supported Android even in its early stages, when they were actually like Honda and BMW. Its because I believed in a product. A lot of technologies I love, have developed simply because of belief and community support, and Android is a shining example of that. I strongly believe that the gap is almost complete and whatever is remaining will be complete soon. In the mean time, please do not think you are superior, more creative, a more distinguished judge of design, or that the other person is stupid, just because you use (or do not use) an Apple product. Please do not stereotype/speculate on the reason I am buying an Android phone, just like I don’t do for you.