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Fly in the night!

Let’s take those words, and fly in the night
Feel the love in your heart, coming alive tonight
Come dance and make it alright,
’cause I know those people are by your side.
Close your eyes, and fly in the night
Tomorrow will bring much more love, than you can see tonight.

This is for my very dear friend Arvind Suresh as we all wish him a very happy birthday.

I am not much of a creative type, but I thought why not give it a shot. As always, it was technology to the rescue. With the help of some insomnia and Python, I whipped up a small script to measure common words used by Frank Sinatra in his songs. Arvind is a big fan of Sinatra, so it was only justified to do this analysis. Based on his top 25 songs (or what most people on the internet said were his top 25 songs), I did a simple frequency analysis.

Once the analysis was done, I tried to remove the common words like ‘I’,  ’the’, ‘am’ etc. Surprisingly I did similar analysis for Fugazi and found out that Sinatra uses way too much ‘I’ in his songs. More on that sometime later though. Anyhow thanks to more insomnia, I finally wrote this shoddy poem, using the most used Sinatra words. I will post a detailed analysis later, but till that time lets wish Arvind a very happy birthday and a great year ahead!